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WEI-IEO is committed to fostering a robust, sustainable, and innovative wood preservation industry taking the form of research, publications, advocacy work and more. In this section we will preset and share some of the results and conclusions.

Wood is the only truly renewable construction material.

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Wood is the most sustainable and only truly renewable construction material for many types of structures, such as buildings and houses, railway sleepers, urban landscaping, electricity and telecom poles, decking, and many more.

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For installers and users, wood treated with preservatives in Europe will carry labels, either on the wood itself or as part of point-of-sale information to guide the selection of the most appropriate material for each project. Industry associations across Europe publish guidance on use of treated wood via their literature and their websites.

European Institute for Wood Preservation

The IEO-WEI is the European industry trade association representing the wood treatment industry and promotes the benefits of treated wood.

The activities of the WEI-IEO are based around wood durability and quality and long service life of local processed wood products, wood preservatives, environmental and technical issues and the advocacy for treated wood products.

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