Why protect softwood timbers?

The Beauty of Wood

Wood is our most valuable natural material. It has a built-in beauty and warmth, with an inherent strength and versatility. It is also our best environmental choice for construction projects. Trees grow naturally absorbing harmful CO2 from the atmosphere and converting it into the oxygen we breathe. The absorbed carbon is locked away for the life of the tree and within any harvested timbers and timber products. Added to this, the commercial forests in Europe are responsibly managed, replanting more trees than we harvest. In fact European forests are expanding each year. Every time you use wood you are helping to save our planet.

Making the Most of Wood

Harvested timbers can be used in so many construction environments, enhancing projects with its natural features. But to make the most of the wood that we harvest it will need protection to help extend its service life and make it safe to use in some situations.

The European wood protection industry has developed tried and tested treatment technologies for the preservative and fire protection of a wide range of commercial softwood species. Different species with different natural features and different requirements in terms of protection.

Preservative Protection

Harvested softwoods are immediately open to attack by a wide range of organisms that can seriously affect its appearance, its strength and its long term performance as a construction material.

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Surface moulds and stains can disfigure freshly sawn timbers making them unsightly and greatly reduce their commercial value. Insects and decaying fungi will feed on the unprotected core of timbers, destroying its physical structure and reducing its long term performance.

Depending upon the timbers eventual end use, targeted wood preservatives and application technologies will reduce or negate these risks allowing protected timbers to be specified and used with real confidence.

If used unprotected, timbers can quickly lose their beauty, physical structure and value, making wood an unsure construction choice.

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