List of use of Treated Wood and example of applications

Treated wood is widely used in various industries and applications due to its enhanced durability and resistance to decay, insects, and other damaging elements.

Cost effective, quick and easy to build and maintain and the availability of and full assortment of treated wood and carpenters and experienced builders.

Top list of most common use of Treated Wood

(in no specific order)

  • Residential decking
  • Fencing
  • Railroad ties
  • Utility poles
  • Landscaping and recreation
  • Playground equipment
  • Marine applications
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Building support beams and frames, cladding
  • Windows and doors and other components

Applications of Treated Wood and use examples

Here’s a list of products and applications grouped by market, specific use or user group:

Building Industry

  • Structural framing for houses and buildings
  • Roof trusses and beams
  • Flooring and subflooring
  • Support beams
  • Cladding and wall sheathing

House Additions

  • Balconies and decks
  • Loft corridors
  • Staircases and railings
  • Fence posts and fencing
  • Pergolas and gazebos
  • wind protection, sunscreens, and fencing


  • Fence posts and fencing
  • Barn structures and animal pens
  • Storage sheds and silos
  • Greenhouse frames
  • Raised Beds and Planters
  • Support Structures, trellises, stakes


  • Vineyard Posts
  • Fence posts and fencing
  • Building Material for winery buildings, tasting rooms, and storage facilities
  • Decorative Elements for landscaping, outdoor seating, etc

Fruit Orchards

  • Tree Supports
  • Storage and Packing Sheds
  • Protection Structures

Infrastructure and Road

  • Utility poles and crossarms
  • Bridge components
  • Guardrails and noise barriers
  • Retaining walls and barriers
  • Parking Barriers and Fencing and bollards
  • Lighting Poles
  • Signage

Public Spaces and Recreation

  • Playground equipment and structures
  • Park benches and picnic tables
  • Landscaping elements like edging and planters
  • Public signage and kiosks

Sports Arenas

  • Seating and Bleachers
  • Support Structures: overhead covers, shade structures, and scoreboards
  • Fencing and Barriers: Around playing fields, courts, or as a perimeter

Resort Parks

  • Walkways and Boardwalks: pathways, boardwalks, and bridges
  • Landscaping Elements: Benches, picnic tables, planters, and decorative features
  • Playground Equipment

Bicycle Tracks:

  • Track Construction
  • Signage and Barriers
  • Rest Areas: Benches and shelters

Ski Resorts

  • Ski Lifts and Support Structures: support structures for ski lifts and other facilities.
  • Signage and Directional Posts:
  • Trail Markers

Parking Spaces and Lighting Poles

  • Parking Barriers and Fencing: making parking lot barriers, fencing, and bollards.
  • Lighting Poles
  • Signage

Outdoor Products

  • Outdoor training equipment (e.g., fitness trails)
  • Outdoor furniture (benches, chairs, tables)
  • Decking and patios
  • Outdoor lighting structures

Building Component

  • Joists and beams for construction
  • Cladding and exterior sidings
  • Roofing materials and shingles
  • Foundation pilings

Windows and Doors

  • Window frames and sills
  • Exterior doors and frames
  • Shutters and blinds
  • Garage and barn doors

Private Market

  • Home landscaping products (e.g., garden beds, trellises)
  • Personal outdoor structures (e.g., sheds, carports)
  • DIY project materials (e.g., wood for crafting)
  • Decorative elements for home exteriors

Railroad systems

  • Railroad Ties (Sleepers)
  • Bridge and Trestle Components
  • Railroad Crossings surfaces
  • Signal Posts and Signage
  • Utility Poles and Communication Lines
  • Retaining Walls and Noise Barriers
  • Maintenance and Storage Facilities

Safety and security

  • Fencing:
    • Residential Fencing: home boundary fences, privacy screens, and garden enclosures.
    • Agricultural Fencing: livestock enclosures, paddock fences, and property boundaries.
    • Commercial Fencing: perimeter fencing.
  • Security:
    • Barrier Posts and Bollards: physical barriers in public spaces, parking lots, and around commercial properties to control vehicle access and enhance pedestrian safety.
    • Security Gates
    • Surveillance Infrastructure: support security cameras and lighting in various settings.
  • Safety:
    • Railings and Guardrails: railings along staircases, decks, balconies, and walkways to prevent falls and injuries.
    • Signage: Safety signs in parks, hiking trails, and communal areas
    • Emergency Access Structures: emergency escape routes or fire exits in outdoor settings.

Docks and Piers

  • Decking and Walkways
  • Boat Slips and Moorings
  • Retaining Walls and Shoreline Protection
  • Seating and Picnic Areas: Benches, picnic tables, and other seating areas
  • Signage and Lighting Posts:
  • Storage and Maintenance Facilities: storage sheds for equipment, boats, and maintenance tools
  • Gangways and Ramps:

Homeowner and condominium associations

  • Landscaping Features
    • Planters and Flower Beds
    • Edging and Borders in gardens and along walkways and paths
  • Recreational and Common Areas:
    • Playgrounds: playground equipment and structures
    • Picnic Areas: tables, benches, and shelters
    • Gazebos and Pergolas:
  • Structural and Building Applications:
    • Decking, Patios amd balconies
    • Fencing: privacy fences and decorative fencing
    • Railings and Staircases: safety and an attractive appearance.
  • Sidewalks and Pathways:
    • Boardwalks and Walkways:
  • Utility and Maintenance:
    • Storage Sheds: tools, bikes, etc
    • Trash and Recycling Enclosures:
  • Signage and Information Boards:
  • Parking and Traffic Control:
    • Bollards and Barriers:
  • Aesthetic and Decorative Elements:
    • Trellises and Arbors:
  • Water Features and Pools:
    • Surrounds and Decking:
    • Jetties: bathing jetty floating jetty
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