Code of Practice

Code of Practice Wood Treatment Installations

European Code of Practice for their Safe Design and Operation 2021


The purpose of the COP- document is to provide generic guidance on environmental, safety and health aspects relevant to all companies in the European Union engaged in the activity of industrial wood preservation. Such guidance is also intended to be useful to those regulatory authorities responsible regulating the wood preservation industry, for third party inspectors and certification authorities.

The general principles set out in the code are also relevant to the industrial application of fire retardant chemicals.

Most aspects of the design and safe operation of wood treatment installations are regulated by national laws which implement EU directives or EU regulations apply directly. This Code of Practice lists the key regulations and the directives from which national laws are derived.

Table of content

  1. Sponsors of this Code of Practice
  2. Choosing or Changing Your Wood Treatment Operation
  3. Technical Literature
  4. Management Systems
  5. Environmental Protection
  6. Plant and Equipment Safety: General Guide for Health and Safety Aspects
  7. Emergency Preparedness and Response Procedures
  8. Important EU Legislation Relevant to the Wood Preservation Industry
  9. EWPM
  10. European Institute for Wood Preservation (WEI-IEO)
  11. Acknowledgements

WEI Wood Treatment Installations-COP

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