The benefits of pre treatment

As well as the obvious benefits of improving the value and performance of preservative treated timbers, controlled industrially applied pre-treatments offer other valuable benefits to the timber trade, its markets and consumers.

  • Carefully controlled, industrially applied pre-treatments for timber are the most effective and economical methods of achieving an assured long term protection. The correct amount of preservative is applied to suit the timber species, its end use and its desired service life. You achieve a consistent and reliable protection result.
  • Because large amounts of timber can be treated at the same time pre-treatments bring real economies of scale.
  • Treatment of European species make the importation of tropical wood unnecessary.
  • Pre-treatments minimise costly remedial treatments and replacement or refurbishment of untreated or poorly treated timber components at a later date in the life of the structure. They provide an effective one-off treatment for the life of the timber.
  • The cost and energy required to produce wood with enhanced performance properties is low compared with man-made materials of comparable durability.
  • Because the treated timbers last longer, carbon is locked into timber for longer making a positive contribution to tackling climate change. Every cubic metre of wood used instead of other building materials reduces CO2 emissions by an average of 1,1 tonnes. Combined with the CO2 stored in the wood, each cubic metre saves a total of 2,0 tonnes.
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