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WEI-IEO is committed to fostering a robust, sustainable, and innovative wood preservation industry taking the form of research, publications, advocacy work and more. In this section we will preset and share some of the results and conclusions.

Treated wood is a strategic enabler on the pathway towards climate neutrality.

Groundbreaking Wood Optimisation Plan: Shaping a sustainable future

In an ambitious move to combat climate change and promote sustainable development, the European Institute for Wood Preservation (WEI) has unveiled a comprehensive proposal, the Wood Optimisation Plan, aimed at redefining the use of wood across the European Union. Recognising the vital role of treated wood in decarbonisation efforts, this plan is poised to transform the wood industry and foster a more sustainable, circular economy. The proposal…

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Request for objection to Delegated Regulation on amended fire classification without need for further testing

European timber and wood preservation industries request for objection against the Commission Delegated Regulation amending Commission Decision 2006/213/EC table 2 as regards the necessary conditions for classification without need for further testing for panelling and cladding, and wood ribbon elements as regards their reaction to fire Download and read this document as a PDF-file On the 10th of November 2023, the European adopted the Delegated Regulation amending…

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Summary of the breakfast event ”Durable wood construction in the public realm”

The Breakfast meeting was organised by Miltton Europe on the 1 of march 2023. See invitation and agenda Invitation: Breakfast Discussion Written by Maria Wetterstrand, Miltton Europe. Any misinterpretations of the speakers intentions is the responsibility of the author. Introduction: Fredrik Westin, Director of Swedish wood preservation association Link to Presentation There’s a huge potential to use more wood in construction in outdoor applications and in the…

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Treated Wood A sustainable choice

A construction material, provided and renewable by Nature, with predictable performance, taking carbon from the atmosphere and locking it away for decades, with low energy demand and a feel good aesthetic, appreciated by almost everyone – that’s treated wood. Download and read the full report Download and read this Executive summary Wood is part of the bioeconomy, can be sourced responsibly, is a flexible and adaptable material…

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Wood – Building The Bioeconomy

Wood – A vital resource for the planet Throughout human history, wood has provided us with a diverse, versatile, durable and renewable manufacturing and construction material. Today it is potentially more valuable still. Its use in a bioeconomic development strategy can help reduce, even reverse adverse climate and wider environmental impacts of modern human activity. The majority of scientific opinion is now clear; man-made emissions from use…

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Tackle Climate Change: Use Wood

Wood is an extraordinary material. Naturally renewable, it grows in ever-increasing abundance in Europe. It is beautiful, light and strong to build with, warm and welcoming to live with. And it offers a simple way to reduce the CO2 emissions that are the main cause of Climate Change, through: the carbon sink effect of the forests; the carbon storage effect of wood products; substitution for carbon-intensive materials….

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