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The European Institute for Wood Preservation (WEI-IEO) is committed to fostering a robust, sustainable, and innovative wood preservation industry taking the form of research, publications, advocacy work and more. In this section we will preset and share some of the results and conclusions.

Groundbreaking Wood Optimisation Plan: Shaping a sustainable future

In an ambitious move to combat climate change and promote sustainable development, the European Institute for Wood Preservation (WEI) has unveiled a comprehensive proposal, the Wood Optimisation Plan, aimed at redefining the use of wood across the European Union. Recognising the vital…

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Treated Wood A sustainable choice

A construction material, provided and renewable by Nature, with predictable performance, taking carbon from the atmosphere and locking it away for decades, with low energy demand and a feel good aesthetic, appreciated by almost everyone – that’s treated wood. Download and read…

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Wood – Building The Bioeconomy

Wood – A vital resource for the planet Throughout human history, wood has provided us with a diverse, versatile, durable and renewable manufacturing and construction material. Today it is potentially more valuable still. Its use in a bioeconomic development strategy can help…

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Tackle Climate Change: Use Wood

Wood is an extraordinary material. Naturally renewable, it grows in ever-increasing abundance in Europe. It is beautiful, light and strong to build with, warm and welcoming to live with. And it offers a simple way to reduce the CO2 emissions that are…

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