Introduction – Word from the president

Dear member of WEI,

As the end of 2022 is rapidly approaching, it is time for the traditional holidays wishes!

After two years during which no physical meetings could be organized in September, it was a real pleasure to meet again in the wonderful city of Milan. The meetings proved to be a great success and all participants really enjoyed the moments of networking that we all dearly missed!
Our sincere thanks to Stella Spa for the excellent organization that was put in place.

2022 has also been a year that will not be kindly remembered in history books. What nobody could expect, Europe is again is ravaged by war.
The old continent is also severely hit by an energy crisis, inflation crisis and serious disruptions in supply chain! After two exceptional years, the woodworking industry is now confronted with historically high prices and declining demand.

In a world in turmoil, it is impossible to predict what 2023 will hold for all of us. We can only hope for the best. What is sure is that we will not lack challenges. We cannot avoid working together in WEI-IEO for the long-term future of our industry.
To this end, we will be organizing in Brussels on 1 March 2023 a breakfast event for policy makers during which we be promoting the advantages of using treated wood in outdoor applications. With this event we intend to show the best practices of our industry to the policy makers that decided upon relevant

We look forward to a positive 2023 and to see all of you during the WEI Spring meeting in Brussels or the annual meeting in Berlin in September 2023!
I wish you and your families a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and a prosperous and Happy New Year.

Mikael Westin,
WEI president

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