A Milestone Meeting with DG Clima and Cabinet Hoekstra

Members update on advocacy project and our new EU Wood Optimisation Plan

Dear Members,

We are thrilled to share with you an update on a significant advancement towards our collective goal of decarbonising the EU through optimised wood usage. Representatives from our consortium, namely Ralf Schulz, Arno van Oosten, and Fredrik Westin, recently had the honour of presenting the EU Wood Optimisation Plan to DG Clima and the cabinet of Commissioner Hoekstra at the European Commission.

The reception we received was extraordinarily positive, indicating a strong alignment between our vision for treated wood’s role in achieving climate neutrality and the Commission’s objectives for a sustainable future. This meeting represents a pivotal moment, showcasing our collective efforts to place treated wood at the forefront of the EU’s decarbonisation strategy.

Fredrik Westin (WEI), Ralf Schulz (EWPM) and Arno van Osten (EWPM) after the meeting with DG Clima and Cabinet Hoekstra

Our discussions highlighted the critical insights outlined in our “Roadmap: Treated Wood for Decarbonisation,” emphasising wood’s unique position as the most sustainable and truly renewable construction material available. We underscored the indispensable role of treated wood in extending the service life of wood products, thereby enhancing the carbon sink of forests and replacing carbon-intensive materials across various sectors. Furthermore, we emphasised how this initiative supports sustainable growth and bolsters European strategic autonomy, contributing significantly to the EU’s 2030-2050 climate objectives.

In light of our productive dialogue, we called upon the European Commission to adopt an ambitious EU Wood Optimisation Plan as part of the 2024-2029 political mandate. This plan is envisioned to catalyse necessary reforms, maximising the decarbonisation potential of the wood economy by addressing the entire value chain—from forestry and timber to wood protection, woodworking industries, recyclers, and wood waste operators.

We remain committed to advocating for treated wood as a strategic enabler of decarbonisation and sustainable growth within the EU. The engagement with DG Clima and Cabinet Hoekstra marks a significant step forward in our journey, laying the groundwork for transformative policy reforms that will unlock the full potential of treated wood in our shared quest for a climate-neutral Europe.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Ralf, Arno, and Fredrik and members of the advocacy task group from EWPM and WEI for their dedication and to all our members for their ongoing support. Together, we are shaping a greener, more sustainable future for the European Union and the Treated Wood Industry in Europe.

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