Lost password?

Reset your password

Being a registered user, you can reset and create a new password directly on the webpage.

To do this you need to be registered and remember what e-mail address or username that is used for your registered account.

Start by select “Login” and

click on “Lost your password?”.

Enter your username or e-mail address.

An e-mail will be sent from wei-ieo.eu to your registered e-mail adress with instructions on how to reset the password.

Possible errors

  • Your e-mail address or username is unknown or not registered as a WEI member. Please request a new user account for your WEI-IEO membership. Sen this request to info@wei-ieo.org
  • The “reset mail” from wei-ieo.eu is caught in your spamfilter. You or your administrator need to change settings for your spamfilter to accept mail from @wei-ieo.eu and @wei.ieo.org.
  • You can login but don’t have access to some information. You have an subscriber account that provides you with the public newsletter. To read member files and pages you need a “Member/contributor” account. Please send a request to WEI-IEO for a membership account. Send this request to info@wei-ieo.org

Who can have a membership account?

Members to WEI-IEO and companies that is members to national associations that is a member i WEI-IEO

Please state your company name, country and membership in the national trade organization who is member in WEI-IEO.

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