The Wood Preservation Industry

Europe’s wood preserving industry supplies around 6.5 million m3 of pressure treated wood per year for woodworking, construction, landscaping, leisure ... Read More

Why protect softwood timbers?

The Beauty of Wood Wood is our most valuable natural material. It has a built-in beauty and warmth, with an ... Read More

The benefits of pre treatment

As well as the obvious benefits of improving the value and performance of preservative treated timbers, controlled industrially applied pre-treatments ... Read More

EN Standards

Setting the standard Preservation Within Europe there are recognised industry standards relating to the preservative protection of timber. Some relate ... Read More

Risk and consequences of failure

CONSEQUENCES OF TIMBER FAILURE Should construction, landscaping, garden or engineering timbers fail due to decay or insect attack there are ... Read More

Preservative types and processes

Preservation High Pressure Treatments These new generation products have now been in use for many years and are designed to ... Read More

How to specify

HOW TO SPECIFY TREATED TIMBERS Preservation Some softwoods species are more naturally durable than others and in some situations a ... Read More

Re-use, recycling and disposal

In Europe all end-of-service life materials are subject to a range of complex legislation. This legislation can allow the re-use, ... Read More

Questions and Answers

1. What is vacuum pressure impregnated wood? Vacuum pressure impregnated wood is wood that, through the application of a preservative, ... Read More