This is WEI-IEO, European industry trade association

The European Institute for Wood Preservation, WEI-IEO are the European industry trade association representing the treated wood industry.

The association was founded in 1951 and with registered office in Brussels under Belgian law. The statutes that is the base of WEI-IEO defines the association, membership and activities and membership is open to those who share our goals and fulfil the requirements specified in the statutes.

With over 140 member companies across Europe, WEI-IEO serves as a hub for the wood preservation industry, providing technical, commercial, and legal advice to its members.

At WEI-IEO, we believe in advancing the science and technology of wood preservation, promoting high standards of quality and safety, and advocating for sensible regulation that supports the industry’s long-term viability. We work closely with policymakers, researchers, and other stakeholders to promote a better understanding of the role of wood in the built environment, and to ensure that it is used responsibly and sustainably.

Our activities include monitoring and advocating for fair and effective legislation, developing quality standards for wood preservatives and treated timber, and participating in research and development projects that help identify new and better ways to treat and preserve wood. We also serve as a focal point for consultation within and between the European wood preservation industries, and produce technical documents and newsletters to keep our members informed and up-to-date on the latest developments in the industry.

At WEI-IEO, we are committed to building a stronger, more sustainable, and more innovative wood preservation industry, and we welcome all companies and organizations that share our vision to join us as members. By working together, we can promote the responsible and sustainable use of wood as a building material, and help create a better world for future generations.

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